Consultation and Treatment

Examination and Diagnosis

When you come to the Caesarea Pain Centre, Dr. Goldman-Riddle will initially conduct a review of your health history. This will cover your personal and family medical history in much the same way your family doctor might. You may be asked questions that seem unrelated to your current concern, but which help her understand what is happening in your body. She will then examine you, using techniques that are thousands of years old, to determine the best course of treatment.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine diagnose imbalance in a person's body by employing four basic examinations. The first is inspection of one's spirit, physical form and bearing, facial complexion, tongue and other subtle signs of pain or illness. Next, listening to one's voice, and the sound of one's breathing as well as smelling any odors emanating from the body. Inquiry about one's signs, symptoms, medical history and course of disease, follow. And fourth, palpation of various areas of the body and especially the pulse at the both wrists.

Of these, two are the primary diagnostic tools to determine what type of imbalance is occurring. First, the pulse. In Western medicine, the pulse is only checked for its rate. In Chinese medicine, the pulse can have any number of qualities that tell the doctor about the state of the body. Different types of pulses, felt by palpation on the inside of both wrists, symbolize different types of conditions in your body.

The second important diagnostic tool is observation of the tongue, noting the color and appearance. Being the only exposed muscle, it reflects the state of the entire body. Specific areas of the tongue relate to different organ systems.

After the examination, a diagnosis from the Chinese Medicine point of view will be made. All imbalances in the body are termed either Deficient or Excess. Symptoms are considered either Yin or Yang. The Doctor will determine the pattern of disharmony and propose a basic treatment protocol which seeks to restore balance in the body.





"I have had recurring neck pain for years and have tried many things to ease the pain. Nothing worked. I never believed in alternative medicine but after three acupuncture treatments I was pain free. I now go regularly to Dr. Goldman-Riddle for preventive treatment, I feel great and I have no pain."

Michel A., Caesarea